Oil & Gas 

Consultancy - General Trends in E&P & Engineering Services

John Griffiths (Principal of JWG Consulting) is an established member of the Gerson Lehrman Group Councils.


As a GLG Scholar rated in the top 20% of the Councils membership, he provides telephone consultancy on the full range of JWG Consulting’s expertise. From his extensive offshore oil and gas background he can give relevant advice and opinion based on up-to-date statistics and performance of the industry. This can cover:

  • drill rig usage and trends
  • heavy lift and installation vessel data and usage
  • oil and gas reserves
  • clear technical explanations for non-technical professionals of oil industry procedures, technology and processes.


The information provided would prove useful to investment and market analysts and other professionals with non-technical backgrounds who require briefing or responses to questions. All approaches for this service should be through Gerson Lehrman Group.


Specialist Waste Treatment


Link Company ETS Ltd owns the Patents of a number of waste treatment processes, one of which converts mixed waste plastic to oil products. The waste is dirty and mixed plastics and not of a type that would be directly recycled which will otherwise end up in land fill. ETS can provide plants to treat waste plastic from local sources to produce fuels or to generate power. The efficiency of conversion is c 80% by weight and a benign solid that can be used in construction aggregates is the only by-product.

 The plants have operated in China on a commercial basis (see pictures below).


Distillation column, Handan, China


Condenser Section, plant near Beijing, China


Tyre Recycling

Link Company ETS Ltd can provide a tyre recycling process that will treat 10-20 tons per day of tyres. The products are oil, carbon char (to be used as fuel or ground to powder as “carbon black”) and the steel extracted from the tyre beads and treads. Gas form the process is utilised for heat.

The business case for such treatment of tyres is strong, assuming the kind of gate fees that prevail in NW Europe.


Typical tyre “mountain”


 Hazardous Waste Disposal

JWG Consulting and Associates can access technologies for destruction of wastes that are classed as hazardous whether due to toxicity or mild radioactivity. The methods include:

  • Gasification with high temperature secondary incineration
  • Incineration by batch or continuous processing
  • Vitrification - high temperature conversion of waste to a “glass” form that can have a range of uses from building blocks, decorative tiling or addition to road construction materials.
  • Energy recovery may be added to many of these systems.

All of these applications come from partner companies well known to JWG Consulting and Associates who have proven technology in their various fields. ETS Ltd have management capability to deliver bespoke solutions to the client.