Ocean Energy

Developing and encouraging the ocean energy industry in the UK is the key theme of JWG Consulting’s services. This entails significant involvement in offshore activity.

Wave & Tidal 

JWG Consulting focuses on provision of services that are of general benefit to the wave and tidal sector. The main areas of activity are:

  • Planning renewable ocean energy schemes and projects for communities and locations anywhere in the world
  • Development and implementation of test facilities for wave & tidal energy converters (WECs and TECs) in UK and overseas
  • Creation of management systems for Quality, Health& Safety and Environmental functions, including gaining of accreditation under an international standard
  • Development of standards for the industry beginning with performance   measurement of devices and assessment of wave and tidal resource. (Note that new work in this area will be progressed in conjunction with EMEC Ltd.)
  • Project and/or engineering management of specific projects (see case histories)
  • Due diligence on technology, and  technology and service companies to assist in de-risking projects and investments

Offshore Planning, Engineering & Construction

JWG Consulting with its Associates and Link Companies can help with method statements, conceptual estimates, planning and scheduling. This arises from a thorough understanding of the marine environment, vessel types and capabilities, requirements for safe operations and simultaneous operations. The implementation of offshore trials, deployments and construction work can also be organised.


JWG Consulting has connection with a number of companies who share the desire to see this form of ocean energy take its place in the wider scheme of sustainable energy. The accepted wisdom is that OTEC is restricted to the tropical zones:



OTEC offers the opportunity to provide fresh water as well as energy on a large scale. We are very keen to look at schemes that will provide the 20oC temperature difference required to power the OTEC heat-pump in areas outside of the tropical regions by either

  • Combining with solar ponds
  • Using warm industrial cooling water outfalls to the sea

Ask us for a free paper describing OTEC and its possibilities.

Engineering & Project Management

JWG Consulting has a track record of conceptual and front-end studies and estimates in offshore energy and energy from waste. Examples are:

  • Due diligence report on a Tidal technology for a financial client
  • Technical advice for Investment banks on status of marine renewable market and on certain specific technologies.
  • Preparation of Business Plan for development of a tidal – powered pump device (private client)
  • Selection and economics of renewable energy devices for study on Sound of Harris transport link (with Metoc plc)
  • Assisted DNV to complete the Guideline on Wave Device design, manufacture, operation and maintenance for The Carbon Trust
  • Participated in study on prospects of renewable energy incorporation in a coastal defence scheme for Bridgwater Bay, UK
  • Prepared training material on emissions and review of advanced waste gasification technologies for group seeking to treat waste in N Ireland. Delivered material as power point presentation and tutorial.

JWG Consulting assists and advises clients on defining, planning and establishing feasibility of their projects. Following this an ongoing management role can be taken or specific technical tasks carried out. JWG Consulting also audits projects, engineering packages and documentation to meet client requirements.

JWG Consulting can provide Project and Engineering management and balance-of-plant engineering for marine energy or energy-from-waste projects to ensure that a fully completed and documented project is offered for handover to the Operator. Training of Operator’s staff can also be arranged.