Linked Companies

The companies listed below are all well-known to JWG Consulting, several having links  which go back many years  in a wide range of contexts. They are all companies with which JWG Consulting is pleased to work and which bring greater breadth and depth to our capabilities. 




Azarel is a transformation business that works with organisations to help them move from one state to the next whereby they will enjoy greater success — however they wish to define success. 

The approach is to work with the client staff in an intensive manner, to develop and use them as consultants during the process. This often means training them in specific consulting skills as part of the project.  Followed by the execution of the project together as a ‘consulting team’. 

There are many obvious benefits:  significant money-saving, more importantly there is a proper transfer of skills and the training and follow up practice is carried out in a real-life situation.                     


CleanTechCom Ltd


CleanTechCom Ltd (CTCL) is a Scottish Registered Company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Woodshed Technologies Pty Ltd of Melbourne (

 CTCL is primarily focused on developing and delivering tidal energy projects in the UK and potentially elsewhere in Europe. CTCL sees its role as a project developer of tidal stream and tidal fence projects, utilising appropriate technology for any given situation.

CTCL  manages or carries out:

  • Initial studies, surveys, and consultations with stakeholders, as required, to establish project feasibility leading to obtaining permits for the project.
  • Development of engineering packages for basic design to enable costing and specifications to be issued for detailed design and construction
  • Management of specialists in Environmental Impact Assessments and mitigation measures to meet legislative requirements and minimise impact of the project on the environment.
  • Establishes contracts and guides financing requirements with appropriate partners


The Directors of CTCL are John Griffiths - MD, Mark Parvin - Non Executive and Steve Hastings of WTPL (link to WTPL) - Non Executive.


Mark Parvin - Biographical Note 

A dynamic and intellectually capable business leader and procurement professional with a technical background and broad understanding, Mark has a proven record of breaking new ground, delivering excellent value, and managing risk. In the field of purchasing, he is an excellent negotiator, who uses innovative sourcing tools and techniques. With strong people management skills, he has built and led teams of buyers, with aligned goals and clear strategic direction.  He has managed difficult client relationships at all levels, and influenced vendors and clients alike to deliver organisational change.  Has worked with Black & Decker, ABB, Mars, Premier Foods and currently is Engagement Manager with Buying Team.




ETS Ltd is a provider of processes and systems for the recycling and treatment of specialist wastes. Its Management team are highly experienced in business and industry and many of the processes are the property of the company and invented by R&D Director Zhou Ding Li (Thomas).

 Process technologies include: 

  • Waste plastic - to - oil system which has been developed commercially in China and is being adapted for EU and US markets.
  • Tyre Recycling by a thermal and catalytic processing route to produce carbon char, a diesel -type fuel and reclaimed steel.

The other directors are Ken Ketteringham - a former main board director of Vickers PLC who is the Non-Executive Chairman, Ian McCubbin, Donald Fraser and John Griffiths.


IT Power Ltd


IT Power offers environmental and energy consulting services worldwide,  IT Power was launched in 1981 as a research and consulting firm, and today has grown to become the IT Power Group of Companies (ITP).  Projects tend to be large-scale and diversified both in scope and nature of the services provided.

 Renewable Energy is one of IT P's primary domain of expertise. The Company's expertise lies in various renewable energy technologies such as solar, hydro, biomass, wind and marine.

 ITP has led the Severn Tidal Fence Consortium in performing a study on a tidal fence concept for the Bristol Channel partly funded by DECC.

ITP co-led the group alongside CleanTechCom Ltd - to investigate the technical feasibility of a tidal fence across the Bristol Channel. A conclusion was reached but DECC did not wish to take the concept further.




KMS offers quality assurance services in a range of sectors including marine renewable energy and medical appliances. Principal, Paul Hayes , acts as Quality Manager for EMEC and has worked extensively with JWG Consulting to develop the management systems there and obtain accreditation for EMEC as a measurement laboratory under ISO 17025:2005.

Intertek Metoc PLC

intertek.jpg metoc.jpg

 Intertek-Metoc is one of the leading environmental/engineering consultancies in the UK. They execute studies, surveys and prepare Environmental Assessments in the Offshore Wind, Marine Renewable Energy, Subsea Cables, Oil & Gas and Water industries. They have project management experience in marine, river and coastal environments

Intertek-Metoc and JWG Consulting have worked jointly on contracts for Highlands and Islands Enterprise, EMEC, SWRDA, Scottish Government and The Western Isles Council.


Redfield Consulting


Redfield Consulting Principal, John Aldersey Williams brings commercial expertise for the renewable energy industries, Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)  and the oil & gas sector.

JWG Consulting and Redfield have worked together on a number of tasks in the marine renewable energy, the most recent of which was to audit a marketing review and key technical documents for Narec - the National Renewable Energy Centre - as part of their “Nautilus” project to develop a testing system for full scale tidal turbine power trains.


Sauf Consulting


Sauf Consulting Limited is an independent safety consultancy founded by Ed Terry in 1999.

Sauf Consulting Limited is a loose-knit organisation that brings in other associates and specialists as the need arises; the range of associates is wide both in technical expertise and geographic location. Sauf Consulting can provide hazard management advice and training support, safety & technical audit services and provide experienced engineers to chair the various types of hazard review.

Ed Terry and John Griffiths have worked together in the oil & gas sector over many years

Woodshed Technologies Pty Ltd


The mission of Woodshed Technologies, a private Australian company, is to bring to market environmentally responsible technical developments in what we believe to be three of the most important industries - Energy, Water and Transport.

Woodshed instigates R&D, secure IP and have independent technical and commercial evaluations conducted. Woodshed operates either by commercialising technologies itself or taking suitable projects to private and public partners for commercialisation under licensing, equity, build-own-operate and other models. Woodshed acquires existing clean technology businesses in the energy, water and transport markets

As a truly international company, the Woodshed Board straddles three continents:

  • Chief Executive Officer - Steve Hastings, Melbourne
  • Non executive director - John Griffiths, London
  • Non executive director - Steve Bracken, Indianapolis
  • Non executive director - Keith Driver, Philadelphia

 CleanTechCom Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Woodshed for operating in the UK.