About JWG Consulting


JWG Consulting was founded in 1999 by John Griffiths after 30 years in the oil & gas industries. John was part of a concerted movement by a number of people concerned to:

  • Re-kindle a serious interest in the establishment of a UK Ocean Energy Industry.
  • Encourage participants, on an international basis, to consider working and setting up a UK presence to utilise the UK skill base in offshore engineering and construction to move the industry forward and
  • Help and encourage many engineers and technical people to transfer their skills and knowledge, gained in oil and gas developments to Ocean Energy.

This movement gave rise to the birth of test and deployment facilities at

  • EMEC Orkney - wave & tidal test site,
  • Narec in Northumberland scale test site and wind equipment
  • Wave Hub in Cornwall for various aspects of wave and tidal energy development.

JWG Consulting is engaged in support of such ocean energy developments.

In 2005, JWG Consulting was approached by the late Don Lennard, an Ocean Engineer of considerable experience and an internationally recognised expert in Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. This led to an interest in OTEC which continues today.  A key need is to see one or two proof-of-concept installations of 10MW capacity take place in the world (See OTEC section link).



What is Sustainability?

It is about developments that create profit now that do not mortgage the future for our children and grandchildren by over-use of finite resources or by being careless with the environment.

It is also about social responsibility in our actions in industry, utilising energy better, creating new energy sources that are less polluting, dealing with waste in ways that make better use of all but the most intractable hazardous materials and storing even those in safe and cost effective ways.

JWG Consulting bases its activity on providing sustainable solutions. It has been rightly said that “Every project has an environmental aspect”. We believe this to be true and make it a touchstone for the direction in which we drive our work. We see the need to:

  • develop renewable energy sources from the ocean and elsewhere,
  • tackle ongoing hydrocarbon developments with an increasingly sustainable attitude.
  • provide storage for power grids to assist integration of renewable sources of electricity,
  • treat waste to re-use hydrocarbons - effectively displacing new hydrocarbon.
  • convert transport to use cleaner fuels
  • develop fuel from plant sources that can entirely displace mineral based fuels.

The Linked Companies of JWG Consulting are all involved in sustainable activity in one way or another.

Is On-going use of Hydrocarbons Sustainable?

Hydrocarbon fuels will be part of the energy mix for many years to come, it is vital to utilise these resources with constantly increasing sustainability. We believe that this can be done in a pragmatic manner that brings the benefits we suggest above without going to extremes that rule out options in a doctrinaire fashion.


 Health & Safety Policy

JWG Consulting is committed to employing safety management and risk assessment techniques in every aspect of its work. We are committed to

  • work to the Spirit and Letter of legislation to create safe environments for work,
  • to provide systems and facilities that will enable ourselves and others to work in safety
  • doing these things pragmatically and realistically.


Our detailed arrangements and procedures for work we perform direct or in managing or advising others in the execution of their projects always intend to lead to the reasonably practical solution that maintains safety.

When we are unsure we will ask a specialist, that is one of the great benefits in the network of Linked Companies and the skills they bring.



JWG Consulting is based in South West  London in the Wimbledon area. Most of our Associates are based around London or in Scotland.

 Our Linked Companies are based in Aberdeenshire, Bristol, Edinburgh, Hatfield,  London, Melbourne and Orkney.

 However, we execute the work where it is most cost effective and deliver it where it is needed. We will be where our clients need us to be as and when required.