About Us

Consultants come in many shapes and sizes from massive corporates to “one-man-bands”. The value they offer varies immensely and the opinions about their performance and worth are more wildly divergent - often dependent on the commentator’s experience of a particular consulting group.

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JWG Consulting sets out to provide straightforward value in the areas in which it operates. In short these are:

  • Ocean Energy - renewable energy from wave, tidal stream and OTEC
  • Specialist treatment of waste
  • Oil and Gas
  • Project Engineering and Management

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JWG Consulting provides its value out of the experience and broad network of linked companies and associates created by it’s Principal, John Griffiths. We will get to the core of the need or issue that you may have and provide a way forward to reach an economic and sustainable technical or business solution that is best for you. We will do this with:

  • integrity,
  • accuracy
  • a personable approach that eases the execution of your task.

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